Diagnosis of pancreatobiliary diseases

Providing PENTAX Medical #SmartSolutions means looking at the continuum of care pathway and being able to provide a solution at its every stage that has a positive impact on the user and the patient.

At PENTAX Medical, EUS and ERCP are part of our biliopancreatic solution. This solution covers detailed diagnosis, reliable treatment, and enhanced patient safety. In this blog article we would like to focus on diagnosis, which is a crucial part of patient care.

Why is it essential to raise awareness for pancreatobiliary disease?

Pancreatobiliary diseases primarily affect the pancreas, bile ducts, and gallbladder. Some of the common conditions in this category include pancreatitis, biliary obstruction, gallstones, and pancreatic cancer. To diagnose the disease, healthcare professionals need precise, effective and safe technology.


What technology do we need to diagnose pancreatobiliary diseases?

The PENTAX Medical EUS J10 line-up in combination with Arietta 850, PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ processor and 4K UHD monitors represent an integrated solution for diagnosis of pancreatobiliary diseases. This platform provides crystal-clear imaging, which is guaranteed by the endoscopes and visualized by the 4K UHD monitors and Arietta 850 during the procedures.

The ultrasound scanners combined with our J10 series of endoscopes provide advanced imaging modalities that contribute to improving the diagnostic confidence for our clinicians. The outstanding ultrasound and endoscopic image qualities may result in improved sensitivity for diagnosis. Besides imaging, the J10 series offers increased maneuverability, improved ergonomics with superb stability and ease of intubation to support higher procedural success rates, optimized working comfort and better patient tolerance.


Our mission

We strongly believe that with the combination of our EUS J10 endoscopes line-up, the ultrasound platforms, and the INSPIRA processor, we are providing our clinicians with the best equipment to have the confidence to make a diagnosis that affects the management of patient.


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#SmartSolutions by PENTAX Medical

PENTAX Medical strives to become a solution provider by offering an integrated platform from screening to diagnostics to therapy to optimize patient care. Covering all medical fields of endoscopy, PENTAX Medical has set the goal to address the needs of healthcare professionals.

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